Lynda Carmouche, LCSW-S

Lynda Carmouche, LCSW-S

Lynda Carmouche, a native of Lake Providence, LA, is a powerful force, known for candidly addressing tough issues that keep individuals, families, organizations, and communities stuck in unhealthy places.

She holds a Master of Social Work degree from Southern University at New Orleans and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both Louisiana and Texas. With over 24 years of experience Lynda continues to provide life-changing, practical solutions through psychotherapy treatment, interactive trainings, consultations, coaching, and keynote speeches.

Tonya Shields

Tonya Shields

Tonya Shields is the Executive Assistant. She enjoys helping others and has a natural gift for making everyone feel safe and comfortable, even in crisis.

Tonya recognizes the many challenges faced when seeking help and aims to eliminate barriers.

With over 31 years in the healthcare industry, she is passionate about providing the best quality experience for everyone we serve.

Donald Hollis, Jr. LPC

Donald Hollis, Jr. LPC

Don Hollis originally from South Carolina, values learning about many things and feels his life journey led him to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has gratefully served Behavioral Health clients for the last 5 years, focusing on crisis management and assessments with children, adolescents, and adults.

Don recognizes the many challenges faced during adolescence and embraces his gift to serve teens and their families. Utilizing techniques aligned with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, his primary focus is helping clients navigate challenges, learn healthy coping tools, and reach treatment goals. Don believes everyone should have a safe and restorative place to work through life’s difficulties.

Dr. Debra Milson, LCSW, LPCT

Debra Milson, LCSW

Debra Milson, a powerhouse of wisdom, knowledge, and insight who has served as a clinician for over 30 years. She is known for her nurturing yet straight-forward service delivery style. Debra’s extensive work experience includes mental health, child welfare, crisis management, adoption issues, spiritual matters, and program development/management.

She holds a Doctorate of Biblical Psychology and a Master of Social Work degree. Dr. Milson is a Licensed Professional Christian Therapist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker both in the state of Louisiana and Texas.

Although retired, she continues to serve as a Bible College Instructor, Master Trainer, Professional Speaker and Psychotherapist for adults, aiming to help others embrace their greatness.


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